Vote-by-Mail Ballots

Vote-By-Mail Educational Video

Vote-by-Mail refers to voting a ballot received by mail or picked up by or for a voter instead of going to the polls to vote during early voting or election day. Any registered voter can Vote-by-Mail. You can request a Vote-by-Mail ballot for a specific election or for all elections through the next general election. After the next general election, you will need to make the request again. 

A domestic civilian Vote-by-Mail ballot is not forwardable by the U.S. postal service and a ballot returned undeliverable cancels a request for future elections and must be renewed. Notify us immediately if your mailing address changes or if you plan to be out of town. We will send your ballot wherever you need to be.

By law, special accommodations are available for military and overseas voters.

Under the current Florida Laws, Vote-by-Mail requests are valid through the end of the calendar year of the next regularly scheduled general election.

Voters who wish to receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot for the 2024 elections are required to complete a new Vote-by-Mail ballot request.


  • Online                                              
  • By Phone: (904) 255-8683
  • By Fax: (904)255-3434
  • In person at our office
  • Scanning our QR Code


A fillable request form is available here in English and Spanish. Complete, sign, and return your request form by mail or fax (904) 255-3434.

Your Vote-by-Mail ballot may be sent to your legal residence address, permanent mailing address, or a temporary address. 

When sending a Vote-by-Mail ballot to an address not on file with the Florida Voter Registration System, the request must be in writing and signed by the voter. The online mail ballot request service system will notify you if the address is not already on file and you will be prompted to print, sign and submit your request to our office. 


  • Your full name, address, date of birth, Florida Driver's License or ID number, or the last four digits of the elector's Social Security number, whichever may be verified in our records
  • Your mailing address (if applicable; ballots cannot be forwarded. Be sure to provide your current mailing address.)
  • Your voter registration number (optional)
  • The election or elections for which the Vote-by-Mail ballot is being requested
  • Your Signature (written request)


  • Voter's name, home address, date of birth, and Florida Driver's License or ID number, or the last four digits of the elector's Social Security number, whichever may be verified in our records
  • Requester's relationship to the voter
  • Requester's name and address
  • Requester's Driver License number, ID number, or the last four digits of the requester's Social Security number (if available)
  • Requester's signature (for written requests)


As of July 1, 2023, the deadline to request that a Vote-by-Mail ballot be mailed is no later than 5 p.m. on the twelfth (12th) day before election day. 

A voter can pick up or have delivered their own Vote-by-Mail ballot when it becomes available. A voter can authorize in writing for someone else (a designee) to pick up the voter's ballot. The designee must submit an affidavit to pick up a ballot for a voter. Your designee will need to provide us with a written request from you and a photo ID, and will need to complete an affidavit ENG/SPA.


You can track your vote-by-mail ballot from the time your request is processed until the voted ballot is received back in the elections office and sign up to receive vote-by-mail ballot notifications. 

Track your vote-by-mail ballot


Detailed instructions are included with the Vote-by-Mail ballot, please follow them carefully. Make sure to include your signature or legal mark on the Voter's Certificate Envelope, as failure to do so may cause your ballot not to count. 

You must personally vote your own ballot unless assistance is required due to blindness, disability, or inability to read or write. A signature as Power of Attorney will not be accepted and the ballot will not be counted.

If you are filling out your Vote-by-Mail ballot and you make a mistake, let us know immediately so that we can send you a replacement ballot. Whether voting by mail or at the polling place, voters can receive up to two replacements ballots before their ballot has been cast. Once the ballot has been mailed to our office, dropped in a ballot box, or inserted into a ballot scanning machine, your ballot has been cast and no replacements can be issued.

If you decide to go to the polls to vote instead of voting your Vote-by-Mail ballot, bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot (marked or not) with you. The Vote-by-Mail ballot will be cancelled and you can vote a regular ballot. If you arrive to the polls without your Vote-by-Mail ballot, our office will need to confirm that we have not received your Vote-by-Mail ballot in order for you to be able to vote a regular ballot. If the office has received your Vote-by-Mail ballot, you cannot vote a regular ballot. However, if you believe that you have not already voted, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.


Don't forget to put your ballot in the return envelope provided, review the instructions, and sign the return envelope.

If you plan to mail your ballot back to us, you should allow at least one week for your ballot to reach our office. You can also drop your ballot off in person at our office during office hours or Early Voting sites during Early Voting hours. Your ballot must be received by the Supervisor of Elections office by 7 p.m. on Election Day for it to be counted. On Election Day, our office is open until 7 p.m.

When we receive your returned ballot, we check the signature on your return envelope's Voter Certificate to your voter record's signature(s). You can update your signature at any time. In order for your updated signature to be used when verifying your Voter Certificate, we must receive the update before your returned ballot; otherwise, a Signature Cure Affidavit will be required. You can use an online voter registration application to bring your Florida Driver License or Florida ID signature into your voter record or a paper voter registration application to update your signature. You can download, print and sign a paper application, call our office and ask that we mail a paper voter registration application to you, or come to any of our four offices in person.

If you returned your Vote-by-Mail ballot but forgot to sign the envelope, or if there is a discrepancy with your signature, you need to complete and return a Signature Cure Affidavit Form (DS-DE 139) ENG/SPA with a copy of your current and valid tier one or tier two ID. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully, as failure to follow these instructions may cause your ballot not to count.